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New Team Wingman Blog...

by Bud, the So Fine
05.25.2012 is no longer an active site. I have decided to move my MtG related writings to a new blog, located here:   more
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Come One, Kamahl!

by Bud, the So Fine

I haven't had a chance to play Magic in a while. Life keeps getting in the way. I have updated the deck lists on my profile - mostly EDH/Commander builds, but there are also a few old Peasant deck lists there too. Magic for me these days is entirely EDH - and that's when I even get a chance to play. A few other updates for those of you who happen upon this site:

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Bad cards and Nostalgic (or maybe Insidious) Dreams

by Jeremy McDonough

So a LARPer walks into a magic tournament... Ok so I can stop since this is funny enough as is.   more
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The Formats

by Mike the White

In which our humble orator describes what he sees as the difference in the formats to which he has been exposed.

Well, as I type this, the Shards of Alara pre-release is tomorrow. Time to crack the sealed pack, add a few boosters, and whine because I got a crap rare...   more
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Why I Hate Abilities

by Tony Lozzi

I wanted to write an article for TeamWingman for several reasons, least of all being that I havenít written a Magic article in a long time, and even that is solid impetus. For a while, however, Iíve been at a loss as to what exactly to write about Ė I hate Standard as it is,

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The Inner Workings of Team Wingman

by Clayton Tinervin

Magic: the Gathering article icon Team Wingman: A group of guys who get together and love to play Magic.

The idea was brought up to me by Bud that an article on my perspectives of each member of Team Wingman would be a good addition to the site. If you happen to come by you may be asking yourselves; who are these chumps?   more
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