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Control Stompy 2k8

Creator: Jeremy McDonough

4 x Jungle Lions
4 x Tarmogoyf
4 x Rogue Elephant
4 x Tattermunge Maniac
4 x Quirion Ranger
4 x Elvish Spirit Guide
4 x Skyshroud Ridgeback
3 x Vexing Shusher
4 x Rancor
4 x Bounty of the Hunt
4 x Land Grant
1 x Black Lotus
1 x Lotus Petal
1 x Mox Emerald
3 x Chalice of the Void
3 x Dryad Arbor
8 x Forest

2 x Gaea's Blessing
4 x Wheel of Sun and Moon
4 x Seedtime
4 x Root Maze
1 x Chalice of the Void

Comments: Version 1 of the 2008 Stompy deck- designed to hopefully make Bud even MORE awesome.

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