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Bant Control v1.0

Creator: Jeremy McDonough
4 x Bant Charm
3 x Hindering Light
4 x Cryptic Command
4 x Cancel
3 x Resounding Silence
2 x Primal Command
4 x Wrath of God
4 x Ponder
3 x Sower of Temptation
3 x Guile
4 x Kitchen Finks
4 x Reflecting Pool
4 x Yavimaya Coast
4 x Adarkar Waste
4 x Seaside Citadel
2 x Bant Panorama
2 x Island
1 x Forest
1 x Plains

3 x Naturalize
3 x Pithing Needle
3 x Resounding Wave
3 x Oblivion Ring
2 x Cloudthresher
1 x Resounding Silence

Comments: My first attempt at Bant based control. Concept was good, but the results of getting land flood or screw seemed really agitating. More testing is needed though- perhaps with moving the deck more towards a U/W control deck and splashing green if not cutting it out in it's entirety.

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