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Suicide Goblins

Creator: Jeremy McDonough
4 x Mogg Fanatic
4 x Knucklebone Witch
4 x Tattermunge Maniac
4 x Magma Spray
4 x Incinerate
4 x Dragon Fodder
3 x Boggart Shenanigans
4 x Goblin Assault
4 x Mad Auntie
3 x Earwig Squad
2 x Siege-Gang Commander
4 x Jund Panorama
4 x Auntie's Hovel
4 x Sulfurous Springs
6 x Mountain
2 x Swamp

4 x Guttural Response
3 x Vexing Shusher
3 x Furystoke Giant
4 x Prickly Boggart
1 x Earwig Squad

Comments: Ideas- somehow get prickly main? Fear seems really good. I would just drop knucklebone but he also falls into the "really good" category. Also potential for putting a single forest somewhere so that I can tutor it out with Jund Panorama for Naturalize out of the board options.

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