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Name: Mike Bishop
Nicknames: The Rat King, "the White"
Started Playing Magic: 2006
Favorite Magic Cards: Relentless Rats, Grinning Ignus, & Grave Pact
Favorite Magic Colors: Black or G/B
Favorite Food: Cheese and Diet Coke
Quote: "Squeak, squeak, DIE!!!"

    The Formats - 09.27.2008
    An Eye For an Eye - Format: Standard
    Black Plague - Format: Pre-Rotation Standard
    Burning Ooze - Format: Standard
    Facebeater 3000 v.06 - Format: Elder Dragon Highlander
    George of the Jungle - Format: Pre-Rotation Standard
    Mana for Days! - Format: Elder Dragon Highlander
    Murky Woods - Format: Pre-Rotation Standard
    Rats Return v0.5 - Format: Standard
    Squeak, Squeak, Die!!! - Format: Pre-Rotation Standard
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